Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Our Security Services offer a wide range of camera technologies to design a custom solution to meet the requirements of any property.

Digital Recording Solutions

A selection of recording solutions are available that include DVR's and NVR's to meet the needs of your business. With the new generation of bandwidth-friendly solutions, your security team can remotely access live and recorded video to observe and research events using tools that help you pinpoint video events.


A wide selection of monitors that include public view options, flat panels, and LCD screens with touch-screen features are available.

Networked Video Solutions

Your IT infrastructure can be used to route video through out your business. Our Integrated Systems team can serve as a single point of contact for your IT needs as well as your video security systems.

Web & Mobile Security Management

Our remote video surveillance technology allows you to view live or recorded video from any of your on-site cameras. This technology creates full-color video that can be easily viewed from any Internet connection or mobile device.


In today's economy, businesses are challenged to find new and innovative methods for securing their property and assets. Where staffing your property with costly, and many times ineffective, security guards can be a financial liability; business managers are turning to “Virtual Presence – Live Dedicated Remote Security.” Using today’s latest advances in technology and communications, we can remotely monitor your facility from our command center offering you complete and comprehensive security.

 Virtual Presence system features

  • 24/7 live remote monitoring of your property
  • Offsite command center with staff who:
    • Monitor all cameras on your property
    • Communicate through audio systems with visitors an intruders
    • Communicate with police when necessary (Virtual Verification)
    • Escort staff on property (Virtual Escorts)
    • Remotely provide access control, viewing a person via camera then granting access (Virtual Door Man)
    • Automatically program doors and gates to open and close at specific times
    • All surveillance is documented electronically (Virtual Witness)

Virtual Presence reduces risk and workers comp claims while   increasing your profitability, productivity and customer service.