RV Parks

Tricon Services solves the wireless connection issues found at RV Parks and Campgrounds through years of experience and research.

I’m sure you can agree that not being able to pick up a steady and strong Wi-Fi signal at the campground is one of the most frustrating things. While some people need it for work, others for browsing, streaming or just keeping in touch with family, the results can be maddening.

In most cases, RV Park's offer some kind of Wi-Fi but more times than not the signal strength is low and if they have a great deal of trees than you can almost forget about connecting. These scenarios are common but don't have to the standard. The days of having only a few access points are gone and to effectively provide Wi-Fi in your park, you need to accept a couple of facts.

First, the design needs to have each lot within the optimal distance from an access point. The days of having a few AP's will not meet your expectations nor your campers. Our designs take into account Tablets, Phones, Laptops and Smart TV's are being made with smaller Wi-Fi antennas in the manufacturer's effort to increase the battery life. In addition, our designs allow us to eliminate most of the obstacles in a park that cause Wi-Fi signal issues such as trees & changing elevations. When we're done, you and you're campers will have the access needed to stream in the comforts of their temporary home.

Second, and we can't stress this enough! All access points are not created equal, which is why the price is higher for enterprise systems compared to entry level systems. However, don't get caught in the trap of thinking cheap will resolve your problems! Focusing only on the bottom line price will cause you to continually spend additional money year after year needlessly on your system. We pride ourselves on selling you value for your money compared to selling on price alone just to win your business.  Value wins every time and not only saves money in the long run but you will have a system your campers can enjoy from day one. If your budget is small, take advantage of our lease to own program.

The number one cause for bad Wi-Fi in RV Park's is not the "Trees" but not taking the time to understand the variables involved in the over all design of the system and the technology used. The placement of the AP's is crucial to the overall success of the system along with having the proper brand of access points that are made for this type of environment. In addition, being able to manage the bandwidth usage to allow all users enough speed to complete their specific usage. In most cases we can combat the trees, the elevations and other obstacles by a proper design that includes the correct number of access points at the optimal distances from each other. Most systems fail because they're under deployed with inferior equipment. If you're tired of throwing money at your Wi-Fi system year in and year out, give us a call. We will design a system specifically for your park and by the slim chance we can't provide a design we feel will work, we will tell you and not sell you a system. Our main goal is to have you as a satisfied customer and not just to make a sale for something we know won't work.