Tricon uses the latest Video and WiFi technology to bring your customers the best TV and Internet service possible. The number one amenity guests look for when staying at a hotel is WiFi.

Hotel TV Service

Tricon utilizes the latest Video distribution for your Hotel

Our Video Services Include:

  • Bulk Rate Packages
  • HD over Coax
  • Up To 90% Less Power Usage
  • Cost Effective Deployments
  • Small Footprint

Hotel WiFi Service

Tricon only uses the best in WiFi Technology for your Hotel

Our WiFi Services Include:

  • Whole Property WiFi
  • Fast, Reliable Connections
  • Quality of Service
  • Cost Effective Deployments
  • Customized Splash Pages

Better Hotel Wi-Fi for Higher Guest Satisfaction

Looked at your TripAdvisor ratings lately? If things are looking ugly, there may be a simple explanation: bad Wi-Fi. 83 percent of hotel guests take the time to report a bad Wi-Fi experience, and 36 percent won’t rebook if they had one. You can invest all you want in snazzy rooms and fancy lobbies. If your guests can’t get a strong, consistent wireless connection—for all their devices and multimedia applications, everywhere on your property—they won’t be coming back.

Don’t stress though, Ruckus technology has you covered. There’s a reason why 70 percent of the hospitality market—and 86 percent of the world’s luxury properties—rely on Ruckus's Smart Wi-Fi. We can help you deliver world-class wireless connectivity that your guests can brag about.



High Performance Everywhere, for All Your Guests’ Devices 

If you could look around your property’s radio frequency (RF) airspace, you’d see the problem right away: Huge numbers of devices competing for connections. Concrete walls absorbing signals. Dead spots in unexpected places that drop your guests’ connections and raise their blood pressure.

Ruckus wireless access points with patented BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology optimize connections for each guest device. They automatically adapt for interference and other problems in real time, so your guests can use more devices, in more places, with the same great connection. Its why hotels using Ruckus have seen Wi-Fi complaints drop by 80 percent or more.

Don’t Just Connect Your Guests, Connect with Them 

You’re already providing Wi-Fi as an amenity (at least, in the same way that elevators and hot water are amenities). Your guests are connecting from the moment they set foot on the property. Why not use that infrastructure to provide more convenient hotel services and grow your bottom line?

With the same high-performance Ruckus Wi-Fi platform, you can speed up check-in and check-out services from any smart device. You can connect guests with hotel information, spa services, special promotions and more. You can even use location-based services (interactive maps, location-based advertising) that tie directly into your loyalty programs.

Guest Access That’s a Breeze for Visitors and IT 

Take a moment to sympathize with your IT team. Ensuring that all of the thousands of different smart devices out there can log onto your Wi-Fi without a problem, dodging complaints from frustrated users battling cumbersome guest servers, all the time trying to keep everything secure—it’s an operational nightmare. OK, you’ve taken a moment, now do something about it

Ruckus can make guest onboarding simple, seamless and secure. Let guests use social media, loyalty program credentials or any other means you prefer to log onto your Wi-Fi. Provide future access after the first log-on automatically, without users having to do anything. And do it all through a self-service portal that’s branded for your property and protects every connection with the gold standard in Wi-Fi security.

Hotel Security

Protect your assets and increase your property security with:

  • Security Cameras
  • License Plate Readers
  • Access Control


Hotel & Motel Security Solutions 

Video surveillance is the perfect security solution for hotels, motels, resorts and other types of paid lodging. With the demand for hotel rooms and space constantly increasing, the security of guests, hotel property and employees has become more important than ever. A carefully considered hotel video surveillance system can protect your resort and give your guests the peace of mind they deserve.

How Hotel Video Surveillance can be Beneficial 
  • Security – Hotel video surveillance can help keep your guests safe from theft and other criminals by helping you track your visitors and prevent break-ins on your property.
  • Prevent theft – Hotel security cameras can help keep intruders out of exclusive hotel areas like swimming pools and gyms, where theft is common. A surveillance system in your storeroom and other maintenance areas can uncover potential employee theft.
  • Remain competitive – Along with providing security, a professional hotel video surveillance system gives your guests peace of mind while staying at your hotel and can help you increase your return business and remain competitive in an aggressive market.
  • Flexible – Modern security cameras are easy to install and can be adjusted at any time to fit your needs. Unlike analog CCTV cameras, wireless IP cameras don't require technicians, power tools, or miles of wiring. When you are looking to implement hotel security cameras, all you need to do is mount the cameras and start recording.
  • Remote monitoring – Adding an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to your security camera system gives you the ability to broadcast your surveillance footage over the internet. This breakthrough in surveillance technology allows you to monitor any of your hotel security cameras at any time from any internet connection, giving you instant security updates.
Potential Risks of Motel Security Cameras 
  • Privacy– Protect the privacy of your guests and employees by keeping your hotel surveillance cameras in public places like lobbies, restaurants, pool and spa areas, and meeting areas, and out of guest rooms and break rooms.
  • Damage – Cameras, especially when they are outdoors, can be damaged by storms or falling objects. While this kind of damage is rare, it's important to keep a secondary security system in place to protect your guests and property should they occur.
  • Outages – Power disruptions or surges can cause interruptions in recording or damage to your system.
Hotel Security Cameras 

Consider each of the following when you are purchasing your hotel video surveillance system:

  • Where do you experience the most thefts?
  • Have you ever wished that you caught something on camera?
  • How do you currently manage security at your hotel?
  • Do you feel like your surrounding area contributes to your overall security?
  • How would you describe your average guest? a. Business travelers b. Leisure travelers c. Families
  • How is your hotel or resort laid out? Single building housing guest rooms, amenities like pool and spa, and facilities?
  • Several buildings spread out over a large property
  • Have you ever had issues with employee theft?

Hotel Sound Masking

Hotels are a place for rest and relaxation. Loud lobbies and other noise distractions may disturb guests as they are trying to relax or sleep. You work hard to keep your hotel looking beautiful. Let us improve your hotel’s acoustics with our next generation sound masking Increase speech privacy and reduce noise distractions while maintaining your hotel’s aesthetically-pleasing environment.


Acoustical Challenges in Hotels 
  • Sound reflective materials such as glass, marble and hardwood floors
  • Open lobbies with high ceiling clearances that carry sound
  • Crowds of people that inevitably gets louder as people try and talk over one another
  • Close proximity of guest rooms
  • Hallway noises such as guests talking, vacuum cleaners, and other noises
How Sound Masking Works in Hotels 
  • Sound masking emits a low-level unobtrusive background noise that sounds like gentle air flow
  • Sound masking is focused on the covering those who do not want to hear noises or unwanted listeners
  • Sound masking is placed in the ceiling with emitters that are small enough to fit in your hand, and blend seamlessly into all ceiling types
Benefits of Sound Masking 
  • Reduce noise distractions
  • Make it easier for reception to take calls even in a loud environment
  • Guests trying to conduct business can do so with less noise distractions
  • Protect Speech Privacy
  • Sound masking can be placed in lobbies so other guests cannot hear sensitive information being shared at the check-in lobby such as credit card information and personal contact information
  • Sound masking in guest rooms gives guests peace of mind that conversations in their rooms stay in their rooms
  • Guests are often on business, so increasing speech privacy is an added bonus
  • Improve Sleep of Guests
  • Placing sound masking in guest rooms will help reduce noise distractions from adjacent rooms and hallways and improve guests’ sleep.